The hectic pace of our routines may seem like the perfect excuse to skip or reduce breakfast. However, skipping breakfast is a very unhealthy decision, as this meal should provide us with 25% of our daily energy and nutrients. Do you know what essential nutrients it should include?

Our body needs the necessary energy and nutrients to turn on after hours of fasting during the night. How can a complete and well-balanced breakfast help us?

  • Recharges energy. Although our body rests while we sleep, there are vital processes that do not stop and consume energy, so it is necessary to “recharge energy”. Otherwise, the lack of glucose would make our body burn other energy reserves, causing disorders in normal organic functioning.
  • Increases physical abilities and the capacity to focus and learn
  • Helps control weight. A deficient breakfast may enhance overweight. Having breakfast is important, but it is even more relevant to do it healthily. 

What foods should breakfast include?

  • Plant-based drinks. Help rehydrate us. Low-fat.
  • Whole grains. Source of complex carbohydrates of slow digestion, which supply energy for longer. Contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. 
  • Seeds and nuts. High monounsaturated (ω9) and polyunsaturated (ω3 and ω6) fatty acids. Source of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc and magnesium. 
  • Fruit. Source of the necessary vitamins. In order to eat 5 fruits daily, start in the morning!
  • Olive oil. Essential for its high content of oleic acid and antioxidants. 

Take your time.

A high-quality breakfast should last 15 minutes since not enough time would mean not enough quality and quantity of food. 

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