Would you like to have healthy, shiny and strong hair? Although genetic and hormonal factors have the greatest influence on the quality of our hair, there are some routines you can include in your daily hair care.


1.- When washing your hair, do not rub the scalp. Otherwise, the natural sebum layer may be lost, and the hair will become dehydrated. It’s better to massage it with your fingertips.

2.- Use lukewarm water since, if it is too hot, it could damage your hair. Moreover, it is recommended to finish the last rinse with cold water to get an extra shine.

3.- Use quality products for washing that are neutral pH, silicon-free and suitable for your hair type.


4.- Do not overuse hairdryers or hair irons. Try to dry your hair with a towel and gentle touches.

5.- Use natural bristle combs with wide bristles to avoid damage or breakage.

6.- Reduce the use of hair clips and elastics that weaken your hair by increasing pressure.

Other hair care

7.- Keep your hair tips healthy by cutting them every three months making them grow healthily.

8.- Your hair also needs to be protected from the sun. Use sunblock when going to the beach or mountains, and cover it with a hat or kerchief.

9.- Do not miss in your diet vitamins B6, B8, and foods rich in iron, zinc and copper.

10.- Be careful with stress and anxiety that can affect the health of your hair. 

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