Colds? Natural solutions to breathe during winter

Flu and colds are quite common in winter, and the rate of respiratory diseases increases. Here is how you can prevent infections and what plants may help you relieve the symptoms.

Winter brings respiratory disorders: colds and flu, which are caused by different kinds of viruses that can expand in the air or by contact with ill people or the objects they have touched. These tend to be mild disorders, but they may generate other more severe ones in children or the elderly with related diseases.

What can we do to prevent them?

  • Drink abundant fluids so that you keep your respiratory mucus hydrated and protected against infections.
  • Control environmental humidity. The heating dries the environment and, thus, the respiratory mucus. Place a container with water and eucalyptus or thyme essential oil in your rooms.
  • Have a healthy and well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. There are some foods that are especially useful in case of colds and flu: garlic, onion, lemon juice with honey, leek or borage.
  • Avoid harmful habits. For instance, tobacco irritates the mucus and eliminates its natural defenses.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a towel or the inner side of your elbow.
  • Avoid sharing everyday objects such as glasses and cutlery.

For children...

Children in schools and kindergartens exposed to abrupt temperature changes are especially exposed to viruses that cause respiratory disorders.

  • If your child is fatigued, does not have appetite, or has less energy due to these disorders, do not force him/her to eat. Try to keep them hydrated by means of natural juices, soft chicken or vegetable broths or simply water.
  • If they have a blocked nose, it is advisable to have baths with tepid water and salt to breathe better.
  • In case of fever, it is recommended to take a bath with tepid water, not cold water.

Some plants are a natural solution to relieve the disorders of flu and colds. Some of them, thanks to their high content of mucilages, soothe coughs, while others ease the elimination of mucus, and some essential oils relax the bronchial tubes and facilitate breathing.

  • Eucalyptus. With antiseptic, respiratory, balsamic and expectorating properties to facilitate the elimination of mucus and soothe cough.
  • Sundew. Thanks to its bronchodilator action, it facilitates the entry of air into the lungs and soothes coughs.
  • Elderberry. Its berries have been traditionally used to relieve the disorders produced by flu and colds.
  • Thyme. It soothes the musculature of the respiratory tract, is an antiseptic and soothes coughs.
  • Plantain. Thanks to its emollient and soothing action, it soothes the respiratory mucus and relieves sore throats.


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