40 gestures to protect the environment

Environmental care is everyone’s business. We have compiled 40 small gestures we can include in our daily lives that will help us to be eco-friendlier and more respectful of the planet.

1.- Have a shower instead of having a bath: maximum time showering must not exceed five minutes, which means 95 liters of water. If you want to control your water consumption, there are several mobile phone apps that will notify you when time has passed.

2.- Place atomizers in every faucet. By mixing water and air, the stream will be greater and it will use a lower amount of water.

3.- Water the plants at night. You can do this with the water you have collected while waiting for it to warm up in the shower.

4.- Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving.

5.- Don’t use the toilet as a wastebasket. Each time you flush the toilet, between 6 and 10 liters of water are wasted.

6.- Optimize the use of the washing machine and the dishwasher. Manage without the dryer: hang up clothes outdoors.

7.- Walk or ride a bicycle for short or medium distances. You contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere while working out, which is also beneficial for your health.

8.- For long distances, use public transport. In case it is impossible and you have to use the car for a long journey, share it with friends or workmates.

9.- Turn off devices when you don’t use them. Stop “phantom consumption”, which is the waste of electricity of electronic devices just for being plugged in, even if they are not used.

10.- Check the light bulbs in your home. Invest in LED lighting, which not only saves energy but also has a longer life.

11.- Turn down the heating and up the air conditioning, by at least 1 degree. This simple fact noticeably reduces energy consumption. Use a thermostat to control it.

12.- Responsible consumption. Prepare a shopping list, stick to it, and use up the products’ lifespan.

13.- Clothes, toys, books, discs, furniture... can have many lives. Second-hand market is full of great options.

14.- Grow your own garden. A small terrace is enough to prepare a mini garden for your own plants.

15.- Eco-friendly consumption. Chemical fertilizers are not used in organic product production, since it is respectful of the environment and soil conservation.

16.- Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers. You will support the reduction of emissions that transport means, and at the same time you will support the local economy.

17.- Take advantage of natural light. Open the windows and raise the blinds, to let sunlight in during the day, reducing this way electricity consumption. At night, in winter, lower the blinds to maintain the temperature.

18.- Reduce meat consumption. Nowadays, beef is the main cause of deforestation in the world.

19.- Have a composter to use at home. You will reduce organic waste and its treatment while having the highest-quality compost for your plants.

20.- Avoid single-use items. From sandwich wrappers to napkins, bottles of water, or the bag where you use for oranges at the supermarket. Switch to reusable things.

21.- Get into DIY. Use your imagination or some tutorials, and reuse what you don’t want anymore!

22.- Once you’ve already reused and reduced consumption, recycle the rest.

23.- Check your bathroom items: bamboo toothbrush, solid and chemical-free shampoo and conditioner, plant-based sponges and menstrual cup.

24.- Fill your house with plants: besides bringing joy, they purify the air and reduce bad smells.

25.- Prioritize digital storage. You will save paper and printing costs, and you will find everything faster.

26.- Promote environmental education. If we work on children’s sensitivity to the protection of the planet, they will develop respectful habits they will keep in the future.

27.- In holidays, do sustainable tourism.

28.- When cleaning, avoid the use of chemical and toxic products, and aerosols. There are multiple natural alternatives we can use such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon, or eco-friendly products for cleaning.

29.- Do plogging. It is a global movement that originated in Sweden less than a decade ago. It combines working out outdoors and wastes collection.

30.- Open the fridge only when necessary. The use of energy to replenish the degrees lost each time we open the door and stay there thinking about what to take is extremely high.

31.- Reduce your technological garbage. Technological waste is the most increased one worldwide. Apply strictly the 4 R’s: reduce, reuse, recover and recycle.

32.- Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries… Think about what to gift in advance, so that you don’t randomly buy things that would end up in the wastebasket. If possible, gift experiences.

33.- In the countryside, be respectful of the environment and don’t interact with animals. Don’t generate noise and light pollution.

34.- Air-dry your hair instead of using a hairdryer.

35.- Always bring along a fabric bag.

36.- If you have pets, pay attention to not damaging the environment with their care. Use biodegradable bags to collect their excrement or make their toys by recycling unused objects.

37.- When buying electrical appliances, make sure they are actually necessary and always choose those of the greatest energy efficiency.

38.- Don’t preheat the oven. You can also turn it off 10 minutes earlier since with the remaining heat your dishes will get completely cooked.

39.- Don’t smoke. Tobacco not only is a public health problem, but also an environmental problem. Cigarette butts wasted each day alter air quality and are full of toxins.

40.- Get informed and take action. Surely there are voluntary social or collective movements you can join in your area to demand public policies that benefit the environment and work for the planet.

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