Sabal serrulata Roem y Schult


It’s a palm tree of up to 2 m in height with fan-shaped leaves, deeply cut through, of a bluish-green color with a sharp petiole. Flowers are small and flatten forming a spadix. Fruit is an oval-shaped drupe, blackish-blue when ripe.

It spontaneously grows in sandy soil at the southern region of the United States where forms colonies, sometimes even impenetrable.

Part used

The fruits.


  • Adenoma of benign prostatic hyperplasia: moderate or non-operable cases; reduction prior adenectomy or treatment of post-surgical conditions.
  • Urinary conditions associated with adenoma of benign prostatic hyperplasia: dysuria, tenesmus, nocturia, pollakiuria.
  • Prostate cancer metastasis.
  • Non-infectious chronic and acute prostatitis.
  • Gynecological problems provoked by an excessive androgenic stimulation: hirsutism, virilescence, androgenic acne, etc.
  • Diseases related with the prolactin action.


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