40 moments in the history of Soria Natural

Four decades of life are full of small moments that carve out a history. We have selected forty landmarks of our company that reflect the way we have traveled from 1982 until the present day.

1.- 1982

Antonio Esteban launches, together with his brothers, a small company that harvests and sells medicinal plants.

2.- 1984

The Composor Range launch, phytotherapy products based on extract blending that are still today sales leaders.

3.- 1986

The first line of Natural Cosmetics with the launch of Dermosor range.

4.- 1988

The authorization of Garray facilities, by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, for the elaboration of medicinal plant-based products.

5.- 1989

First entrances in dietetic food with the launch of the range of sprouted cereals, flakes and baby porridges.

6.- 1990

The beginning of international expansion with the introduction of the products on the Portuguese market.

7.- 1992

The exportation of Soria Natural products to Belgium and the creation of Soriabel.

8.- 1992

The birth of Homeosor, the Division of Soria Natural for the commercialization of its products in pharmacy stores.

9.- 1993

The creation of Fitonat Mexico, the subsidiary of Soria Natural in that country, where it had started to commercialize its products three years before.

10.- 1999

The launch of R&D&I department working independently and with research autonomy. Since 2002, it has its own building whose facilities were inaugurated by the vice-president of the Spanish Agency of Medicines.

11.- 2002

Antonio Esteban receives the Cecale Gold Award to the Entrepreneur of the Year from the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Castile and León.

12.- 2002

The creation of Alecosor, an organic food line of 100% vegetable origin products. 

13.- 2003

The obtaining of the Organic Farming certification as a producer and manufacturer of organic products.

14.- 2003

The development of the first clinical trial in cooperation with Hospital Arnau de Vilanova (Valencia) on hawthorn capsule use for cardiovascular diseases in infarcted patients.

15.- 2003

The acquisition of a flow cytometer, equipment that allows to determine the percentage of tumor cells in a sample, and that over the years has been a key element in the search for natural antitumor substances.

16.- 2003

The participation in the first European project of innovation. Optimizagua project, within the LIFE –Environment program of the European Union for water saving in farming.

17.- 2005

Soria Natural is awarded the Castile and León Award for Environment Protection by the Junta of Castile and León, for its contributions to farming ecosystem conservation and natural resources exploitation with economic activities that respect nature.

18.- 2005

The creation of the Health and Nature Foundation for the promotion and investigation of Natural Medicine.

19.- 2006

The launch of the Clean Diet Project which combines personal nutritional advice with the aid of food supplements.

20.- 2007

The publishing of the first issue of the Qualitas Vitae Magazine.

21.- 2007

The launch of Soria Natural Golden Class project, a network of franchised stores that offer a wide services portfolio for health and wellness care.

22.- 2008

The development of the first cultivation of Organic Korean Ginseng in Europe.

23.- 2009

The inauguration of the Botanical Garden of medicinal plants by Queen Sofía, after her visit to the facilities in Garray.

24.- 2009

The obtention of the certificate of the GMP Standard for the manufacture of medicines.

25.- 2010

The launch of the Online Training Platform in Naturopathy through which more than 3,000 people have been registered in different courses and training activities over these years.

26.- 2011

The inauguration of the facilities of Soria Natural in the state of Querétaro, Mexico, that today have manufacturing facilities, laboratory and distribution warehouse.

27.- 2012

The launch of the first Canary Seed Organic Drink on the market.  

28.- 2012

The robotization of the warehouses of finished products of phytotherapy and food, to be followed by those of raw material and medicines in the later years.

29.- 2012

The acquisition and incorporation of a spectrometer to the Quality Laboratory with H.P.L.C-ME/MS technology that allows to accurately quantify the active components in plants and to identify unknown molecules that could be responsible for certain therapeutic effects.

30.- 2014

The staff of Soria Natural overpass 500 employees, for the first time.

31.- 2014

The launch of the APP of Soria Natural for iOS and Android, the first application for dissemination and consultation on Natural Medicine in Spain, that connects plants, products and natural solutions to protect health.

32.- 2014

The acquisition of Homeolab, one of the main homeopathy laboratories in Spain.

33.- 2016

The building of a depurative plant for waste-water treatment. After the launch of this WWTP, the discharge parameters of our production plant are similar to those of a domestic discharge and go directly to the waste-water treatment plant of Garray.

34.- 2018

The birth of Pharmasor, a specific brand for the pharmacy section that unites Homeosor and Homeolab.

35.- 2018

After 12 years of collaborative work with the Center of Cancer Investigation of the University of Salamanca, the publishing of the scientific article on the antitumor action of Lepidium latifolium.

36.- 2018

The achievement of the certification in the International Standard on Food Safety IFS Food.

37.- 2018

Soria Natural becomes the only European company to obtain authorization to sell products based on cannabis in Mexico.

38.- 2019

The assembly in the roof of our facilities in Garray (Soria) of a photovoltaic plant for self-supply with more than 3,300 modules.

39.- 2020

The launch of the line of organic plant-based drinks in the first carton 87% manufactured with raw materials of vegetable origin, reducing 19% CO2 emissions.


The launch of the line of products CBD Origin based on medicinal cannabis.

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