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Echinacea, natural stimulant of the immune system

Known as the "natural antibiotic", Echinacea is a plant that enhances the body's defenses and protects against the attack of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is one of the plants used to prevent and treat colds and flu.

It comes originally from the calcareous prairies of North America. It grows on the plains and sandy margins of the rivers, especially in the valley of the great river Mississippi, from where it is native. The American Indians used it for a wide variety of applications. The Comanche tribe used it to relieve throat and toothache, and the Sioux to fight rabies, snake bites and other external wounds. Their properties were discovered by Dr. Meyer in the late nineteenth century and since then, this plant has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, through which its strengths and mechanisms of action have been revealing.)

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