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MGDose is born to capture a new trend in supplements based on Integrative Medicine. It is a complete line of products which is aimed to ensure the optimal nutrition of all our customers.

MGDose is a therapeutic tool based on Orthomolecular Medicine that now SORIA NATURAL is glad to offer you. A complete range of products designed and formulated on the basis of a new trend in supplementation as is Endomodulation, which consists on providing the precursors of a substance together with the coenzymes (minerals and vitamins) involved in its synthesis, to promote the body to produce adequate quantities of that substance.

The creation of these new formulas is the result of the collaboration between physicians, naturopaths, molecular biologists, and pharmacists, all of them experts in the field.

Each product has been designed taking into account the synergies and bioavailability of each component, whose effectiveness is supported by various scientific evidences.