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Soria Natural consolidates its presence in Asia by signing an important partnership in Taiwan

Soria Natural’s expansion into the Asian Markets is now a reality. We continue our growing presence in some of the most important markets in the region, signing various strategic partnership agreements with great companies in Hong Kong, Macao and Thailand. Thanks to the many and great efforts by our International Business Development Team and our VP International, Antonio Mantilla; this time around our COO Jose Antonio Esteban traveled to sign the newest partnership with the Taiwanese giant DE Health Care.

“We are proud to announce our newest partnership with the Taiwanese giant, DE Health Care Ltd., a company dedicated to the development and distribution of high quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, as well as a wide range of health and wellness products from around the world.

Owned by the Taiwanese giant Cheng Ching Medical Group, a privately owened company established in 1932 by Dr. Lin Gao De. This great institution with 86 years of history and 4 generations of family management is comprised of: eight Hospitals, two Regional Clinics, an Elderly Nursing Care Center, a Postnatal Care Center, a Children Developmental Center, a Pharmacy Chain (A&D Pharmacy), Beauty & Fitness Centers, a Centralized Medical Logistics Center with nationwide distribution, Realstate, Franchise Operations, among other investments, making Cheng Ching Medical Group one of the largest, most diversified and powerful companies in Taiwan.

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