Detox Plan 21 days. Special edition.

Cód. 06189

Set of 7 vials of 10 ml of Cyrasil+, 7 vials of 10 ml of Diuribel and 7 vials of 15 ml of Cofidrén.

Including inside a guide with a full dietary plan for 3 weeks and advice for an effective purification.

Depurative, draining and antioxidant. Cyrasil+, Diuribel and Cofidrén.

The synergic action of Cyrasil+Diuribel and Cofidrén, thanks to the plants and active compounds in them, contributes to detoxify our body and to keep in shape the organs involved.

  • Zinc contributes to cell protection against oxidative damage and to fatty acids normal metabolism.
  • Milk thistle helps liver health.
  • Horsetail helps to remineralize our body.

When to perform a purification?

  1. At seasonal changes and after periods of excesses in food: holidays, celebrations, after periods of habitual consumption of alcohol or drugs.
  2. At the beginning of a weight loss diet.
  3. In case of digestive failure: slow digestion, abdominal distension, heaviness, constipation, tympanites, etc.
  4. Skin diseases: dermatitis, acne, etc.
  5. Fluid retention or cellulite.
  6. If you simply wish to carry out a depurative cure.
  • Directions

    From day 1 to day 7: take 1 vial of Cyrasil+ daily, directly or diluted in water.

    From day 8 to day14: take 1 vial of Diuribel daily, directly or diluted in water.

    From day 15 to day 21: take 1 vial of Cofidrén daily, directly or diluted in water.

    Vial opening system. Hold the vial vertically.

    1. Break and remove the security seal.
    2. Screw the cap to the right until it stops. The contents of the cap will fall into the vial.
    3. Shake the vial vigorously until the mixture is perfectly dissolved.
    4. Unscrew the cap and drink the content directly from the vial or diluted with water or juice. 


    Store in a cool and dry place.

    Keep out of reach of small children.

    Do not exceed the expressly recommended dose.

    Do not use as a substitute for a varied and well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The composition of our products is updated periodically. Please, check the product labeling to ensure that it meets your health needs.

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